The Pros and Cons of Small SAP Teams

07 Mar The Pros and Cons of Small SAP Teams

Heidi Marx Heidi Marx

Our clients range from very large Fortune 100 companies to very small companies. Each supporting SAP team size brings with it different challenges.

My very first implementation of SAP was as on a very small SAP team consisting of less than 10 people. Through the years I have had the privilege of working as a consultant with some small SAP teams.   There are definitely some good and bad aspects of having a small support team.



Some of the positive aspects of small teams are:

  • Decisions are made relatively quickly.
  • People tend to work together more closely and collaborate more effectively.
  • Understanding the inter-relationships of modules and systems is more important.
  • Team members tend to have a broader knowledge of the system. They can’t afford a narrow focus.

Along with these positive aspects, there can be challenges. Some of these challenges can be:

  • Personality differences can cause problems between members. It is very important to manage these difficulties. Confront these issues when they arise and foster an environment of professionalism.
  • Small IT Departments may take on too many projects at the same time.   With a small team this can lead to a lose/lose situation. The work is often not completed on time or with great care. Learn to prioritize projects and say no to ones that will not produce long term value.
  • Losing a team member can be very detrimental. Cross-training within the team is very helpful in learning the inter-linkages between modules of SAP, but help if a team member decides to move on.
  • Due to budget constraints, training is often left out. It is very important to retain good people. One of the ways to do that is to ensure that they are being trained in new functionality or in other areas that may interest them. This is of great benefit to the company and employee alike.
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