From Ashes to S/4

12 Mar From Ashes to S/4

Matt Christensen

Most SAP implementations went live with a few known gaps and imperfections.  It was the right compromise to capture value and control deployment costs.  Those gaps were addressed over time, but new cracks appeared due to technological changes, industry, management, and the economy.  Support and tiger teams continuously apply putty, sand, and varnish to support the ongoing business.

There are key elements of system configuration, organizational structure, master data, and even technology often reserved from change due to risk fears.  Perhaps period close processes are a prerequisite to meaningful metrics, only partial financial statements are available by business unit, or business areas and extra financial periods linger.  Product hierarchies and customer attributes may resemble the initial implementation requirements more closely than ongoing business operations.  Internal and business partner communications may be far from current technology.

The migration to S/4 offers a rare opportunity to capture fundamental opportunities.  Change is inevitable, key resources will be attentive, and end-to-end business processes will be tested.  Identify and architect these solutions before the project time clock starts.  Avoid analysis paralysis by empowering a broad team of business process owners to envision and realize your ideal results.  Engage industry and technology experts to build clean, resilient solutions from the ashes.

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