Conference Call Do’s and Don’ts in the New Remote World

About This Project

As many professionals are working from home in the next few weeks, businesses are trying to continue as usual. In order to do that many meetings are turning into a conference call or video chats.

Have you ever been in a conference call where they spend the first 20 mins trying to get their deck to present or have the audio just right? Check out these 5 Do’s and Don’ts that can help make you look like a pro from your home office.



  1. A Test Run – If you are new to working remotely, take the time to check your tech set up. Learn the technology, there are many introduction videos for Google Hangouts, Skype, Zoom, and WebEx.
  2. Check your Camera – Be sure to know if you are going to be visible on the line and be professional. This blog was inspired as I watched someone floss their teeth while someone else was presenting. Check to see that you have an appropriate background and lighting.
  3. Use Headphones Working from home may have new furry friend office mates or kids in the house. Using headphones will minimize background noise. It will also keep sensitive topics confidential. As soon as you join the call be sure to locate the mute button.  Turn it on when listening and off when talking.
  4. Ask Questions in Chat – If there is a single presenter with a large audience on the call, try using the group chat function. That way people aren’t trying to talk at the same time.
  5. Log in Details – It’s a lot easier to know who is talking if your name is under your icon. You can do this by entering your name when you join the call from a computer. If you have to call in, be sure to announce yourself when speaking.


  1. Don’t Forget to Check Your Bandwidth – If your home internet isn’t as buff as the office, try joining the call without your video. This will increase the quality of the audio. Also, try to minimize other devices that are on your internet.
  2. Don’t Have Multiple Audios – If you have your computer audio on and dial into the call on your cell phone, there will be an echo that will give everyone a headache. Stick to having the audio on just one device. If you connect via the computer, be sure to log in to your details and use headphones!
  3. Don’t Put the Conference Call on Hold – If you do, it may start playing hold music which would disturb the discussion of the others, it is always better to mute your phone and call back into the conference
  4. Don’t Be Late– Nothing is more annoying on a call than beeps as someone tries to present and is interrupted by someone joining the call.
  5. Don’t Multitask – Imagine that you are in the office alongside your coworkers, treat these meetings as if it is any day in the office.

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