Bex If – Then example

07 Mar Bex If – Then example

BradSimon Brad Simon

Need to do if – then logic in a Bex query.

The syntax is a little strange but it works.

You can make conditional calculations using Boolean operators An expression in the form
IF<Logic Expression> THEN <Expression1> ELSE <Expression2> can also be made using a formula in the form
<Logic Expression> * <Expression1> + NOT <Logic Expression> * <Expression2>


IF Actual Costs > Plan Costs THEN Plan Costs + Plan Deviation ELSE Actual Costs

can be written as the following formula:

(Actual Costs > Plan Costs)* (Plan Costs + Plan Deviation) + (NOT (Actual Costs > Plan Costs)* Actual Costs


(Actual Costs > Plan Costs)* (Plan Costs + Plan Deviation) + (Actual Costs <= Plan Costs) * Actual Costs

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