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We are a Minnesota-based consulting company specializing
in SAP consulting services and project management.

Minneapolis SAP Service

Our Story

I enjoy sharing the story of our unique business model at Phoenix Endeavors. It is commonly met with a bit of skepticism, but generates interesting discussions and contemplation. We are constantly adapting as we encounter new challenges, but thus far have enjoyed success despite our lack of traditional structure.

Our partnership began in January of 2007 as four friends with the simple mission of providing the best SAP systems implementation and support service in the Minneapolis-St Paul area. Our model, business practices, and growth have followed this focus.

– Matt Christensen

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Our Consultants

Here are some faces that work with us every day

BradSimonBrad Simon
Cori_Simon2Cori Simon
MattChristensen2Matt Christensen
NateCrawfordNathan Crawford
John Marvin - Phoenix EndeavorsJohn Marvin
HeidiMarx2Heidi Marx
KristinKnight2Kristin Knight
MarkSchwinDingerMark Schwendinger
MikePink2Mike Pink
TomBrunner2 Tom Brunner
JeffQuinnJeff Quinn
Paul_Duehn_NewPaul Duehn
Mike_Simpson_NewMike Simpson
KrishnaRama2David Matlock
ColinHames - Phoenix EndeavorsColin Hames
Dave Kellogg - Phoenix EndeavorsDave Kellogg
JoeMelloJoe Mello
KellyMcColemanKelly McKenna-Coleman
ChuckSegaleChuck Segale
GaborBartok2Gabor Bartok
Jenny Gardner Jenny Gardner
CurtTimmerman1Curt Timmerman
MichelleEccless1Michelle Eccless
BillSchlosserBill Schlosser
JulieSquiresKiddooJulie Squires-Kiddoo
BrianHubertyBrian Huberty
noneMike Tompkins
noneJohn Reedy
noneLen Bainbridge
noneCheryl Segale
noneLinda Connolly

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